Want a Fresh Start towards Weight-loss?

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Lose 3-10 lbs in just 6 days eating delicious foods

Reset 3 metabolic hormones and break through plateaus

Learn 6 foods to avoid and 6 superfoods to eat

Get a meal plan and grocery list right on your mobile phone

7 Servings of Shakeology included


The best Whole Foods Plan for People Who Want to Lose Weight Quickly and just need a Simple Plan to Get Started.

This is what people are saying:



” This has been a GREAT experience for me! I Lost 5 lbs & feel GREAT! I never thought I woudl like “clean eating” but I realy do! I plan to keep with it & hopefully reach my pre-baby” weight by my first summer vacation! I almost didn’t do it but am so thankful I did! Proud of all of you in this group! Keep up the good work!”



” I have lost 4 lbs on the clean eating and I am continuing to walk 5 miles a day. I thought I would have been hungry but I wasn’t. I am going to continue watching what I eat. ”

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“I’m pleasantly surprised. I thought I wouldn’t like a lot of the receipes, but they are surprisingly tasty! I’m surprised that I don’t miss things that I used to eat all the time, like soda and potato chips! The best part for me is that I’ve learned how to make better choices and that I can tweak things I like to make them healthier.”



“…the meals and snacks are really good and the shakes are delicious AND filling. Doing this motivates me to workout and gives me confidence that I will be successful. It’s most definitely a game changer.”

Just some of the delicious meals you’ll get to enjoy:

chicken taco and brown rice
grilled chicken salad
Protein Pancakes

Why you’ll LOVE drinking Shakeology:

Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition

It’s simply the most delicious, superfood-packed protein shake on the planet.

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce junk food cravings
  • Increased energy
  • Regular digestion
  • 9 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables without the sugar
  • High quality protein
  • Probiotics for healthy immune system
  • Phytonutrients & Antioxidants

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Meal plan, Grocery list and videos right from your phone:

Everything you need is easily accessible from your mobile phone so you can stay on track, while on the go.

Know exactly what to eat with the 6 day meal plan and grocery list designed to give you fast results.

Videos teach you the 6 foods to avoid and 6 superfoods to eat.


Get started by ordering your Shakeology sampler:

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