Frequently Asked Questions about the 6 Day RESET


Is it Vegan or Vegetarian Friendly?

No, this meal plan is based around lean proteins like chicken, Fish, Turkey, Etc. Only 2 of the Shakeology samples in the sampler pack are vegan. We have a vegan 6 day reset in the works. If you’re interested in that, contact your coach.


What kinds of food will I get to eat on this plan?

This meal plan is based around delicious whole foods. You will get to eat chicken, turkey, bacon, steak, fresh veggies and fruit, etc.

What are the 3 hormones that we’ll be resetting? And what research is this based on?

The hormone resetting is based on Dr. Sara Gottfried (Harvard Medical School graduate, board-certified gynecologist, and yoga teacher)’s work in her book called the 21 Day Hormone Reset. We focus on Insulin, Leptin, Cortisol. There’s a 3-5 step protocol for each hormone.

What will I receive in this challenge?

After placing your order for your Shakeology Sampler pack notify your Team Symbiotic coach and they will give you access to join the That will grant you access to the grocery list, meal plans, and getting started guide. You will then be added to a private support group on Facebook ( optional ). You will also be emailed each day with the daily information to help you stay on track.


Is there a printable grocery list?

YES, once you login to this web site, you will have access to a PDF version of the grocery list you can download and print. You will also have a mobile friendly version you can access at any time.


How do I get access to the meal plan & grocery list?

After you have purchased your 6 day sampler pack through your Team Symbiotic coach, you will be given the link to access the mobile-friendly meal plan & grocery list at Contact your coach and let them know after you’ve ordered and ask for the access link.

Does the 6 Day RESET include fish?

Yes, one of the meals is a really good Teriyaki Salmon recipe. Many people who have tried it, actually loved it. Even people who didn’t like fish before trying it.  However you can substitute for another Dinner option if you choose.


If I already have Shakeology do I need to buy a sample pack?

No, if you are a current Shakeology subscriber and your coach is a part of Team Symbiotic, then you may join this at no additional charge.  This is an extra benefit for you for investing in your health. Double check with your coach to see if they are part of Team Symbiotic.


Is Shakeology Required to do the reset?

YES, The 6 day reset is designed to help you eliminate foods from your diet and it’s important to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Recent research shows that people who follow diet programs are nutrient deficient, no matter how much whole foods they eat. Shakeology is essential for ensuring you get vitamins, minerals and the 27 daily recommended micronutrients. This meal plan is based around Shakeology.

Are there any clinical trials of Shakeology or independent 3rd party research that I can see?

YES, Shakeology is clinically proven to reduce weight, reduce cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels and make people feel fuller. Watch this video here:

Do I need to have Facebook in order to do the RESET?

No, Being in one of our several Facebook Support groups is just a benefit but is not required. All the information will be delivered to you through a series of emails and a mobile friendly website (


My link is not working to place an order.

The order link should take you to TeamBeachbody’s Shop to order a Shakeology Taste Sampler pack. Double check with your coach to ensure you have the right link. If it’s the TeamBeachbody website that’s giving you issues, contact TEAM Beachbody customer service: 800-470-7870


How much do I earn by referring people to this challenge?

You’ll earn $7 for each person who signs up and purchases the 6-serving sampler pack of Shakeology. In order to do this, upgrade your teambeachbody account to Coach, on our team (Team Symbiotic). Contact your coach for details on how to upgrade to Coach.


How do I generate my Invite link to this challenge that I can send to people?

You can do that on our Simple 5 Coach training website. Click the pink icon & enter your coach ID.

After you enter your coach ID, it’ll take you to the next page. Right click to copy the LINK or (on your phone, touch and hold to copy it), then save it in a note.

If you don’t know your Coach ID, you can look it up on Teambeachbody in your Coach Online Office.(Save that in a note in your phone too).

What’s the best way to invite to this challenge?

The best way to invite is to DO the 6 day reset yourself first, then share your results & experience with others. When they’re interested, send them to your invite page where it explains the details and let’s them place their order.

Look above how to generate your invite link.


When is the best time for me to give people access to this site?

As soon as you confirm their order for Shakeology, give them the access link to this site. Automated emails will begin based on the Start Day they choose when accessing this site.